The source directory contains the source code distribution of Orion, which provides uncertain/probabilistic data support in PostgreSQL. Although Orion is designed as a contrib module, it requires changes to the PostgreSQL source code itself. It is necessary that the user build and install both PostgreSQL and Orion from source. Any platform that can build and run PostgreSQL should be able to build and run Orion. The source directory has postgres9.04 with Orion. Orion can be installed the same way postgres is installed from its source code with one additional(step 3). Installation instructions are below:

STEP 1. setup

tar xvzf orion3.tar.gz

mkdir <dir where you want to install orion, say ``pg''>

STEP 2. Install Orion The details for this step are outlined in the INSTALL file located in the PostgreSQL source. For development use, we recommend configuring with:

-enable-debug (compile with debugging symbols)

-enable-cassert (turn on extra assertion checks)

-enable-depend (track header file dependencies)

CFLAGS="-O0" (disable compiler optimizations)

STEP 3. Create an initial database

This step initializes the database storage area on disk, starts the default server process, and creates a sample database. Refer to the "Getting Started" chapter of the PostgreSQL documentation for additional help.

Please note that after postmaster has been started, it will keep running, so you will need to execute the createdb command on another shell.

initdb -D $<$directory$>$

postmaster -D $<$directory$>$

createdb $<$dbname$>$

STEP 5. Install Orion into the database

Orion provides many new data types, operators, and functions which must be installed in each uncertain database.

psql $<$dbname$>$ $<$ orion3/src/backend/contrib/orion/orion.sql

To install Orion by default in all new databases, run the above command in the 'template1' database. For future reference, orion.sql is also available in the PostgreSQL installation directory under share/contrib/.

Rohit Jain 2011-08-02